YOYOYO it’s only 11:30pm?! internets,randoms,oh and Back to the Future trivia!


So as you can see by the cleverly worded title, it’s only 11:30p.m. Still pretty early!

At the moment I am randomly searching the web for different points of interest that hit my brain at any random second. I would say a always have google.com wikipedia.org and facebook.com oh and youtube! can’t forget that ever important source of entertainment.

Right now in the background my beautiful wonderful pregnant girlfriend is sound asleep because she has a wonderful job that makes her get up at 5AM!!!! Holy balls I think I would shoot myself if I had to get up that early on a regular basis. No no I’m much more happy staying up until 2am reading random shit, playing pokemon, and watching t.v. (currently on my television is the HILARIOUS show Reno 911! you must see this show if you have not already) And then waking up comfortably at 10am. God I’m a pussy compared to my old lady… she knows it too.

Oh ya here’s a crazy random fact I found out the other day! It will blow your mind if you didn’t know this already…

Michael J. Fox wasn’t the original person cast for Back to the Future!!!! WHAAAA??? Did you just read that correctly? yes… yes you did. Originally it was Eric Stoltz. ( The best thing I know him from is the drug dealer in Pulp Fiction) He filmed for 5 weeks as McFly then Fox stepped in! Crazzzzy shit. Don’t believe me eh? HERE’S A PICTURE!

Not Michael J. Fox!!!

Can I just say right now how different that whole trilogy would have been? I love Back to the Future! That’s my shit! Probably going to go on amazon after this and buy me the box set!


So yeah, there’s just a taste of the wonderful and uninteresting shit you will be getting into if you choose to continue to read this blog. Just so you know, I’m a aware I have horrid grammer skillz, it’s something I’m working on so GET OFF my back.

Oh quick shout out to my college professor (you know who you are if you read this!) because I totally stole this site from her to blog on, it’s so much easier to use so far, I think.



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