13 hours and Tru Blood? Lord forgive me.

MAN I am pooped!

I went to bed last night at 8pm and woke up today at 9am… that’s 13 fucking hours of sleep! And honestly I had to push myself to wake up, so I wouldn’t feel like a total bum. What the hell?! Then I took an hour long shower. I’m normally the kind of guy that only needs 10 maybe 15 minutes max. I think I’m just in slow motion mode today. Everything that normally takes me a little bit of time to get done, I shall take hours to do! Good thing I work tonight.

Now on to this Tru Blood. Yes that’s right I’m watching Tru Blood. I blame my girlfriend 110%. I am a weak minded man who can’t help himself. I’m going to hell for sure I know. But damn this stuff is addicting! The show is pretty much soft core porn with vampires. That’s the best summary I got for you. I’m only on the 1st season.Visually the show is pretty fucking good. The story line is interesting too. Like any good show they leave you with a cliff hanger so your wanting more. The acting for the most part is good too! Except sometimes I get the feeling the main character (Sookie Stackhouse) is mentally challenged to say the least. That’s damsel’s in distress for ya…

I hear the show gets a bit crappier as you go on so maybe I’ll get out of this zone while I can still save my soul. I can’t believe the first show I’m plugging on this blog is Tru Blood. But yes I would say go out and watch it. The 1st season for sure. It’s not like that Twilight crap these vampires are fucked up.

Oh the opening credits are cool too! Check it!

I guess the show is based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries which is a series of books by Charlaine Harris. From what I heard the books are really good, or at least the first few any way. Might have to go give them a gander! As should you, because after all reading is so much better than watching the boob tube like a fuggin zombie right?


Now I’m off to make some BLT’s and watch a few more episodes of this damn show before another wonderful shift at work…

^Get it?! I’m eating a sandwich and watching a show about vampires^

hahahahhahahahahahhah come on that FUCKIN funny! YOU laughed! You know you did, if nothing else when you saw that cute picture you went “awwwwwwwwww” in your head.

Peace out mofo’s!






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